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With Michael Crabtree Aboard, Now What For…

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With Michael Crabtree Aboard, Now What For...

“I know he’ll bring some value to our group,” Fitzgerald said, before declining to get too deep into analysis of the Cardinals’ wide receiving situation.

“I just play here,” Fitzgerald said. “I’m just fighting and scratching to get my roster spot. Those decisions are way above my pay grade, honestly. You get into the numbers game, and I just am trying to make sure I’m one of the numbers on the 53(-man roster).”

Kingsbury said he feels good about his receiving corps even before the addition of Crabtree, noting by name Fitzgerald, Kirk, Sherfield and Johnson. “Michael is another piece,” Kingsbury added.

That piece was someone who “from day one was a superstar” back in the Texas Tech days. Now, Crabtree, known for a big personality, comes in to a situation in which he is needed. His numbers dropped as the season went on last year in Baltimore, in no small part because the Ravens went to running rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson.

In Arizona, he’ll get another rookie QB, although Kyler Murray figures to provide a better passing option.

“There will be some similar concepts to what (Crabtree) ran in college,” Kingsbury said. “Not a ton, but enough where I think he’ll pick it up quickly.

“However slowly we have to bring him into the fold, we’ll do that, but I think mentally, just getting things installed with him so he can go out and play freely.”

Kingsbury said starting left guard Justin Pugh will “get some time” in Minnesota against the Vikings after missing the first two preseason games with a shoulder injury. “He’s looked solid,” Kingsbury said.

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