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Vikings ‘Break Will’ of Cowboys with Repetitive…

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Vikings ‘Break Will’ of Cowboys with Repetitive...

“They can’t stop you. That’s the good part. It just breaks your will. That’s the one thing with football – it’s a tough sport, and if you allow people to run the ball like that against you, it really deflates you, I think.”

— Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer on the effects of a team running like that

“It’s just unique. I haven’t played in a team in the NFL that does this. I’ve never been able to run the ball that well, been a part of running the ball that well, so it’s new to me. I guess when you get people on their heels, you get them a little bit tired, worn down, you can just keep going and keep plugging. I think it says a little bit about our conditioning, maybe, that our o-line and running backs have enough juice to be able to keep going 10 straight plays, too. But we’ve been able to do it a few games now, a few drives now, where it’s been just a heavy dose of run – which you just don’t see much in the NFL anymore. So the fact that we can do that is a really positive thing, and you never know when it’s going to hit and when it’s not, but we certainly stay committed to the run all day long.”

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