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It’s up to them to cash in

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It’s up to them to cash in

Not a question. On the II jersey I think I prefer Spoffkiewicz. Have a great day Insiders!

That appears to be a popular opinion.

I think it was 2-37-1 Jeff who brought the bad luck with the Packers apparel? Jeff would have to be banned from the jersey sale. Sorry Jeff.

You folks spend way too much time thinking about this stuff.

“Filling gaps, finishing to the ball and gang-tackling.” In response to this concept stated yesterday in II, is the Packers’ limited success in stopping the run because we have players in the wrong gaps, overplaying the run, therefore exposing a cut-back gap, or because they can are not winning the battle against the blocker to secure the gap? I don’t have access to go back and rewatch and slow down the tape to watch the individual battles.

As usual in these situations, it’s never just one thing. Defenders have to get off blocks. They can’t get shoved too far out of their gap. They also can’t take a chance on shooting a gap that opens another one. It’s hold-your-ground assignment football, which should regularly keep someone free to make the tackle, and he has to make it.

AP Stylebook updates: Singular “they” now acceptable. Merriam-Webster also added use as a singular a couple of weeks ago. Rejoice.

Do you see Jake Kumerow getting an increased role in the offense?

If he’s healthy enough to play, sure. We’ll see about his shoulder injury as the week progresses, but he was back on the practice field Monday. If opportunities present themselves for Kumerow, Lazard and Shepherd, it’s up to them to cash in.

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

AR12’s game against Philly was the best he has played since ’16. Not just raw stats but the movement and precision and velocity of throws. I also could not help notice that his big day also coincided with the less-stat-sheet-friendly assessment of how he escaped the pocket. I have not seen him successfully escape the pocket through the middle as frequently as he did in a long time. Did you see Philly rushing him differently than the previous three opponents?

It was more about Fletcher Cox, an interior rusher, getting pressure. When Rodgers sidestepped him, the escape route was through the middle. Similarly, when he avoids pressure from the edge, the escape is to that very space the defender has voided. To your point, I thought Rodgers played a couple of really good games in ’17 right before the broken collarbone, but his movement against the Eagles did help reveal how limited he was on that knee last year. I think the zip on his throws speaks to two healthy legs as well.

Josh from Melbourne, Australia

Safe to say that after Tomlin threw the challenge flag on MNF for that ridiculous OPI call that ultimately wasn’t overturned, there is no point in challenging PI.

That seems to be the message getting sent. With PI, it’s going to take a lot to change the call on the field now. I doubt we’ll see an overturned TD due to an OPI flag thrown from New York, like we did in Week 2 vs. the Vikings, ever again.

Officials can let a play “play out” and then still call it as they saw it, can they not? For example, a quarterback gets hit and the ball flutters forward. The officials can let it “play out” as if it were a fumble, but after the play is “played out” to its completion, they can rule it incomplete. That, then, is the “call on the field” if/when the play is reviewed. That’s my understanding of how those plays can be officiated. And if that’s not actually what happens…it should be.

I’ve gathered that is what’s now happening, which I think is somewhat new. There was a play in the Vikings-Bears game Sunday on a pass to Diggs that got knocked out and the Bears recovered. The call on the field was incomplete, but the Bears challenged and were awarded a turnover when the replay ruling was catch-fumble. I thought for sure with the original call of incomplete, a whistle would have blown, killing the play and by extension any review. But they allowed the Bears to challenge and awarded them the ball, which means they must have let it play out and then ruled incomplete on the field after the fact. So either what you say is correct, or the system has no protocol within the realm of traditional officiating anymore.

With regards to the interference replay calls, I read something the other day that no one seems to be aware of. Apparently the replay official has been told if they have to slow the film down to clearly see interference they are not supposed to call it. This may help explain some of the odd calls happening lately. It’s not about being “blatant” or “egregious,” it’s about the timing.

If that’s true, it’s not going to fly because all the fans at home are watching those replays in super slo-mo. The decisions have to match up, reasonably at least, to what the fans see at home or you’ll have an even bigger credibility problem.

I used to be a fairly serious NASCAR fan until the powers that be changed the rules, the playoff system and a variety of other things that diminished my interest. Ratings and attendance have dropped. Is the NFL over-officiating the game with replays and penalties which will ultimately lead to dwindling ratings? I hope not.

Most early returns in 2019 show ratings equal to or above those from this time last year.

Jonathan from La Crescent, MN

Maybe instead of listening to the announcers and the “expert” in the studio discuss replays, especially pass interference and illegal hits, the NFL should provide the fans with a live audio of the officials discussing the replays. Thoughts?

In the immortal words of Aerosmith, whose song was an absolutely perfect match to the closing credits of an all-time favorite sports movie, “Dream On.”

Ryan from Noblesville, IN

With all these officiating questions, who is/was your favorite official that made you laugh?

Nobody could give the business like Ben Dreith.

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