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Colts Cheerleaders Attend NubAbility Camp To…

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Colts Cheerleaders Attend NubAbility Camp To...

She had to do it for a while. 

But some people have to do it forever. 

It brought her back to a patient she had while she was a nurse at Riley Hospital for Children. 

“It was back in 2017. She was only 11 at the time and she had been involved in a train accident and she ended up amputating her leg. I had always wondered how she was doing. She had never met me when she was awake. I kept tabs on her, but I started to get interested in how she was coping, what her comeback was like, and how I could maybe mirror that myself.” 

Then one day, it hit her – that was her challenge. But finding the patient was a challenge itself. 

“I reached out to police departments, fire departments, the hospital itself, past doctors, residents, her school – I reached out to everyone I knew to find this girl.”

In the meantime, she also started searching for a way to help kids with limb differences. A surgeon she used to work with has a son with a partial arm who’s attended many different camps. He gave her a few to check out. One of them was NubAbility.


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