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Cardinals Film Room: Middle Screen Success

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Cardinals Film Room: Christian Kirk Reverses...

Pugh is cognizant of his place on the field: “We have to be real close with the timing, making sure the back is catching it, because it’s still a forward pass. We can’t be too far downfield. You can see I’m a little bit ahead of A.Q. I didn’t have to block anyone on this play, so it’s making sure I don’t get downfield and get called for a penalty here.”

Without a visual of the throw, Shipley has to rely on an internal clock: “The timing is huge on this one. Most of your other screens you’re rolling flat first, so there is really no (danger). On this middle screen, you’ve got to kind of hit it pretty perfectly. It’s all two count, three count, whatever it may be. Hopefully you time it up right.”

Wide receiver Christian Kirk is ready to help block but is unneeded. Pugh: “When Christian sees us coming, he knows we’re taking those two guys. He knows they’re our responsibility. He was just kind of extra security.”

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