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XFL draws 2.3 million viewers on FOX, 1.4 million…

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XFL draws 2.3 million viewers on FOX, 1.4 million...

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As expected, the XFL saw its TV ratings decline in its second weekend of action. But perhaps not by as much as most people thought.

In Week Two of the XFL, the Tampa Bay-Seattle game drew 2.324 million viewers on FOX on Saturday, while the St. Louis-Houston game drew 1.359 million viewers on FS1 on Sunday, according to That news comes on the heels of two ABC games drawing 2.127 million and 2.397 million viewers.

All those games are down from the comparable time slot in Week One of the XFL, but the numbers remain solid. The FS1 viewership in particular was strong by the standards of that network: FS1 had two college basketball games on Sunday (Iowa-Minnesota and Utah-Oregon) and neither of them even got half as many viewers as the XFL.

The question is whether XFL viewership will continue to decline. This week the XFL airs on ABC and FOX on Saturday, and on ESPN and FS1 on Sunday. The league and its network partners would be happy with attracting the same numbers as last week, less happy if the audience continues to shrink.

XFL draws 2.3 million viewers on FOX, 1.4 million on FS1

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