May 16, 2021

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Why it’s so much confidence in Carson Wentz?

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When you hear all the Hype about Wentz being healthy and becoming the MVP,

you have stop and ask yourself, ” when wasn’t he hurt ”

Carson Wentz has been hurt his entire football life, why should anyone believe he will remain healthy a whole Season.

Now you hear all the experts making predictions that the Eagles led by Wentz are Superbowl or Bust.

Well in my personal opinion of this matter, it will be close to a Bust with No Game Speed action during the Preseason

he’s expected to come out like 2017, In 2017 he was going against a fourth place schedule and played against teams that were far worst than the Eagles at the time.

As we all seen last season, Carson Wentz ran the same plays over and over again with no success which caused him to struggle massively.

I believe Doug Pederson and the coaching staff knows this guy is a mental weakling but hangs on to fact he knows the offense

But if the Eagles start out losing 4 of the first 6 game with Wentz as starter, The staff will definitely say he needs to get up to speed because no preseason action

At that time Wentz will start having Back Problems again from the stress.

This season they are playing a second place schedule and that will be a test starting this weekend.

The Media in Philadelphia is already giving the Wentz led Eagles a victory.

Am I an Eagles Fan? Yes

Do I believe we’re going to the Superbowl? No

From what i have seen in Carson Wentz is his inability to throw the long ball and will get someone hurt with those hospital passes he throws,

he even admits he can’t out throw Desean Jackson, so Desean is going to have to slow down or dive to catch these passes, career enders LOL

Oh yeah Wentz with the fake handoffs are so clear that he still has the ball it never fools the camera operator either.

Good Luck My Eagles



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