May 18, 2021

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What You Might’ve Missed: Second-level blocking

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What You Might’ve Missed: Second-level blocking

This is a bonus selection because it’s off-topic and has nothing to do with second-level blocking, but it’s worth seeing how much was going on to make this off-schedule play possible. First of all, Tonyan pulls double duty here, starting the play by blocking DE DeMarcus Lawrence (90) before releasing into his route. Lawrence is then picked up by Lewis, who comes across from the back side and holds him off long enough for Rodgers to slide forward and get the throw away. But to see why there was such a big void in the middle of the field for Rodgers to step up into, watch the clear-out block thrown by Bulaga on DT Trysten Hill (97). Talk about taking a guy out of the play.

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