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Trent Williams wants more money, Ron Rivera says…

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Trent Williams wants more money, Ron Rivera says...

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Washington offensive tackle Trent Williams is no longer adamant that he’ll never play for the team again, but that doesn’t mean he’ll definitely show up to work for the $14.5 million he’s owed this year.

Last year, Williams was so furious with what he felt was a misdiagnosis from the team’s medical staff that he said he wouldn’t play for the team again. But with virtually everyone Williams was mad at no longer involved in the franchise, Williams has softened his stance. New Washington head coach Ron Rivera said he and Williams spoke and that he’s optimistic about Williams’ future with the team.

“We’re working through the details,” Rivera said. “We’re in a good place, a good conversation and we’re going to go from there.”

That doesn’t mean Williams is all-in this year, however, and John Keim of ESPN reports that Williams wants to be the highest-paid offensive tackle in the NFL. That would require Washington to pay him more than $18 million a year. And while Rivera wants Williams back, it’s unclear whether he wants him back at the kind of salary cap hit a new contract would require.

It’s also possible Washington could trade Williams, although if they’re trying to develop Dwayne Haskins as their franchise quarterback, trading away a high-quality left tackle would be a strange way to do that.

So Williams’ future in Washington remains murky. Even if Williams is a lot more open to the idea of playing for a team run by Rivera than he was playing for Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden.

Trent Williams wants more money, Ron Rivera says they’re “in a good place”

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