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There’s a lot to learn from right now

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There’s a lot to learn from right now

With Oren Burks going down do you see the Packers making a trade or other pickups at inside linebacker as it was already a not very experienced area other than Martinez?

I’d stand pat unless someone interesting comes available on cut-down day. I think they’re in a better situation now with Curtis Bolton and Ty Summers competing for that spot than they were a year ago when they had to trade for Antonio Morrison.

Is there a years or longevity limit when players would be ineligible to be put on the practice squad?

Players have three years of practice-squad eligibility, with six weeks on a practice squad counting towards one year of that eligibility. Personally, I believe all players should have unlimited eligibility until they’re vested veterans. There’s no reason to graduate players out of the process (like Dillon Day last year) if they haven’t “made it.”  

With all that’s been said about Rashan Gary on this site, I’m surprised he’s not playing in the preseason.

Like I said before the preseason, practice is important but the playing field is the proving ground. Gary just needs to keep working on getting it all to translate. The Packers have a lot of confidence in the young man. He’s going to be a staple in that pass-rushing dime package.

Are the waiver rules the same for a player like Kumerow who’s been around so long even though he hasn’t really accrued four seasons? On a related note, do you think if Kumerow were playing like he is, but 22 instead of 27, he’d pretty much be a lock for the 53?

To say on the “couldn’t care less” train, I couldn’t care less how old he is. There were years the Packers leaned on a 22-year-old when a 27 would have sufficed. When you factor in what Kumerow provides on special teams, an underrated aspect of his game, I think he’s putting himself on this football team. That’s how my scorecard reads.

The II jinx hit Kumerow last night. Let’s hope that is the last time we ever see drop and Kumerow in the same sentence!

We’ve already reprimanded Spofford.

Is a WR “penalized” by a coach for not catching a ball when the WR knows he’s being put in a compromising position by doing so, or is he given “kudos” for not subjecting himself to injury? From the angle I saw, Kumerow saw the hit No. 32 was about to lay on him, had he caught that ball he dropped. Does dropping the ball out of fear of the hit go against him, or does it not matter all that much in the grand scheme of things?

The receiver’s job is to catch the ball regardless of the circumstances, so I’m sure Kumerow wants that one back. At least, we now know Kumerow isn’t a robot. He’s been remarkably consistent in his two-plus years in Green Bay.

Much longer than two weeks in a row. Deja Vu Packerland. Low third-down conversions, too many penalties and so many missed tackles.

And two of those three third-down conversions were completions in long situations. You have to win the early downs. The Packers didn’t do nearly enough of that.

This is purely a speculative question. I know not everyone can be the SB champ, all teams are competing to win and I should neither draw conclusions from preseason nor set expectations for the season now. However, would missing the playoffs for a third consecutive season be considered a failure because we have a generational talent or should we count ourselves lucky the streak hasn’t yet hit 10? Where’s the line between tempered expectation and absence of critical thought and accountability?

I want to couch this by saying I believe the Packers have a team capable of contending in 2019, but also wouldn’t press the panic button if everything doesn’t come into focus right away for three reasons – New. Orleans. Saints. Future Hall of Famer Drew Brees quarterbacked the Saints to three consecutive 7-9 seasons in the final quarter of his NFL career. They’ve since been on the precipice of the Super Bowl the past two seasons. Turnarounds can take time.

Jonathan from Muenster, Germany

Has James from Charlottesville never heard of Don Hutson? I think he was a pretty solid No. 1 receiver.

That one was a head-scratcher for me. Jonathan from Germany has even heard of Don Hutson for crying out loud.

Nash from Beit Shemesh, Israel

This week’s game was my first ever football game and was super excited to see Aaron Rodgers play. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to but was still an incredible experience. Ain’t nothing like football.

My apologies, Nash. Hopefully, you get another chance to see him play live someday.

Christopher from Marina Del Rey, CA

Well, looks like backup QB is pretty solid…for the Ravens. Joe Callahan!

Do you mean the long completion or the botched snaps on back-to-back plays that ended the drive? I like Joe a lot, but be smarter with your snark.

Marty from Combined Locks, WI

Kickoff rules used to require the returner, or someone from the receiving team to catch or down the ball in the end zone. The ball was considered live until it was downed and could be recovered by the kicking team for a TD. In today’s NFL, the returners let the ball go and even if the ball does not go out of the end zone the play is called dead. My question is when did this live ball rule change?

Two years ago, I believe.

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