May 18, 2021

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The Dallas Cowboys and their internal battle for…

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The Dallas Cowboys and their internal battle for...

The Dallas Cowboys lose another game. But the real news is the internal battle that is emerging on the sidelines for this team.

Over the past three weeks, this Dallas Cowboys team hasn’t resembled the same team we saw dominating teams in the first three weeks on the season. With the Cowboys now tied with the Philadelphia Eagles at 3-3 in the NFC East and a pivotal matchup between the two looming next week, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. This team is dealing with what seems to be a coaching staff with internal issues.

This week’s game against the New York Jets felt eerily similar in offensive playcalling we saw in the Saints and, Packers games the last two weeks. On the offensive side of the ball, head coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore just don’t seem to be on the same page. It’s as if Garrett didn’t like all of the praise that the first-year coordinator was receiving in the media and decided to insert himself in the playcalling once again.

I say this because you haven’t seen the same type of movement and bunch formations we saw the first three games of the season from the Dallas Cowboys. We are seeing plays that we’ve seen over and over again. Plays that Jason Garrett is known for using consistently like running the ball on first down and jet sweeps, which haven’t been successful at any time we’ve tried it.

An not only are the fans noticing a difference in the playcalling the play by play analysts are noticing it as well. During the Jets game, Sunday former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was quick to say that he can see Jason Garrett’s footprint on this offense. Romo would also go on to call out Garrett for his poor situational football playcalling.

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Now I don’t know about you all but when a former quarterback that had success under you is now calling you out for your poor coaching it’s a problem. That problem is what the Dallas Cowboys management namely owner Jerry Jones and director of player personnel Stephen Jones need to fix quickly. They must get Garrett to let go of the offense and let Kellen Moore finish what he started the first three weeks of the season or risk allowing Garrett’s ego to lead this team to another underwhelming season.

The Dallas Cowboys and their internal battle for an offensive identity

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