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Le’Veon Bell’s Week 1 message to Jets: ‘Don’t hold…

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Le’Veon Bell’s Week 1 message to Jets: ‘Don’t hold...

Le’Veon Bell had a message for Jets coach Adam Gase as the Jets prepare for their season opener Sunday against the Bills.

“When I spoke to him (Tuesday) he said, ‘Don’t hold back.’ He feels like he’s ready to go,” Gase said Wednesday. “I think he’s pretty excited to get out there.”

The Jets signed Bell to a four-year, $52.5 million contract in March and have been waiting for Sunday since. Bell sat out last season because of a contract dispute with the Steelers. The running back did not play any preseason games with the Jets, so this will be his first time in a game since Pittsburgh’s playoff loss to the Jaguars in January 2018.

“I think he’s just excited to get out there,” Gase said. “You kind of get a taste of it when we had that stadium practice where you could see he was pretty juiced up. He has a good look about him right now. He looks like he’s excited to get to a game day.”

Gase said he has never coached a running back as skilled as Bell.

“Not close,” Gase said. “There’s a reason why this guy’s been what he’s been since he’s been in the NFL.”

Gase, who calls the offensive plays, said he is looking forward to calling Bell’s number.

“I love it. It’s going to be fun,” Gase said. “It’s one thing to call plays in practice but to know that you have him back there and then possibly going back and watching some Pittsburgh tape to remind ourselves who that is back there, it’s a good feeling.”

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