May 17, 2021

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Last TD was a Brett Favre-type play –…

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Raiders sign Kasim Edebali – ProFootballTalk

After Sunday’s loss to the Texans was in the books, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden compared Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to Michael Jordan.

He’s not the first to make that comparison, but Watson looked elsewhere for a comparison when Peter King asked him about his final touchdown pass for Football Morning in America. That touchdown came as Watson took a cleat to the face while evading pressure and trying to find somewhere to go with the ball while down four points in the fourth quarter.

Watson said his “left eye just shut” as pressure closed in again and he found tight end Darren Fells in the end zone just before being sacked. It was an improvisation of the highest order and Watson evoked Brett Favre’s name while discussing it with King.

“I wear 4 for a reason,” Watson said. “That last big play, that was definitely a Favre-type play.”

Watson said his eye is fine, although he’s expected to get more tests to make sure that all is well on Monday.

Deshaun Watson: Last TD was a Brett Favre-type play

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