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Is there one more trick left from the New England…

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Is there one more trick left from the New England...

Do the New England Patriots have one more move up their sleeves to help equip this offense? If not, their season might slip away from them…

The struggles offensively for the New England Patriots aren’t just on the shoulders of Tom Brady and the thin receiving corps. At some point the offensive coordinators is going to have to be held accountable too, right?

Over the years, Josh McDaniels has become considered one of the foremost offensive innovators and creative minds in the NFL. His masterminding of offensive play-calling has even put him in the head coaching conversations throughout the league. But so far this season, we’ve been noticing the play calls have been both spotty and questionable.

In what you’d presume to be an extremely thick playbook between McDaniels and Brady, it seems a bit alarmingly thin of late. I wonder if McDaniels is starting to feel the effects of the lack of weaponry and abundance of injuries on his roster this season.

We know McDaniels doesn’t have any input in regards to personnel decisions, but I believe there’s one more trick left up the sleeves from the great team of Bill Belichick and Nick Caserio. There are a few names out there that come to mind.

The NFL has yet to make any sort of move with Antonio Brown, which has left most of the teams around the league in an uneasy position regarding Brown’s playing eligibility. We do know Tom Brady would love to have Antonio Brown back, and that certainly means something around here.

With the Patriots already giving Brown a chance in the beginning of the season and taking a hit against their cap for the season, it seems like the Pats would be the most likely team to make the first move towards pursuing AB once again if he was cleared to play again this season.

The Patriots don’t have much room left in regards to their overall cap, but most definitely could offer someone else the veteran’s minimum if that’s an option they want to pursue as well.

Dez Bryant is a player who comes to mind only because of the circumstances of the season for the Pats. He’s a big, strong receiver who probably still had some gas left in his tank before becoming unemployed this season. Bryant was part of the 2018 New Orleans Saints before suffering a season-ending injury during the preseason.

At 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds, Bryant fits the receiving profile the Patriots have had over the last few seasons. Dez has also come out and said that he would play for free if it meant him getting back into football.

Another free agent who’s fallen under the radar this season has been Kelvin Benjamin. Benjamin last played for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018. He’s another big, talented wide receiver who can help stretch the field and become a threat in the red zone.

Although Benjamin hasn’t been the same receiver since tearing his ACL in 2015, he’s still worth looking into for the Pats… especially considering the state of the offense.

Lastly, there’s Pierre Garcon. Garcon is an experienced veteran who last played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2018. He’s another player who can stretch the field and become a red zone target for the Patriots.

These players could help New England get the job done for the remainder of the season. At this point the Patriots need to at least make one final effort towards providing the offense with another receiver this season. It’s not going to hurt the team at all by giving it a shot for a low cost investment, and it certainly could hurt the team if they stand pat and do nothing at all.

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These are potential free agent additions that would suit Brady’s need for a veteran receiver he can trust to come through in big-game scenarios. The Patriots need a lot of help offensively in general, but they also need more weaponry to compete and keep games close when playing some of these high-powered offenses like the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, and Baltimore Ravens.


Is there one more trick left from the New England Patriots?

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