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Is there a scenario where Jason Garrett returns?

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Is there a scenario where Jason Garrett returns?

Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Garrett is between a rock and a hard place, losing games while waiting to be fired. Is there a scenario where he’s back next season?

The Dallas Cowboys have been a total letdown this season up until this point. Starting the season 3-0, the Dallas Cowboys gave the impression that they would be one of the better teams in the league this season. That didn’t last long though.

They are now coming off of their third straight loss, one at home on Thanksgiving during primetime to the Buffalo Bills, and everything seems to be in shambles. Although there is still a good chance to win the division and thus make it into the playoffs, the way that they have played as of recent doesn’t offer much hope for their chances if they are to make it.

With the talent that is on this team, the Cowboys should simply be playing better. While the players should be better, Jason Garret has obviously been the main topic of Cowboy ridicule of late and rightfully so. He has continually been walked to the chopping block by fans and pundits alike, but Jerry Jones refuses to let him go during the season based on the rhetoric he’s handed out on the subject in recent days and weeks.

While it seems inevitable that Jason Garrett will be fired, there is unfortunately a path that may see him return as the Cowboys’ head coach beyond this season. Before we get into those paths, the reasons why this is so, from this perspective is for one, he hasn’t fired him yet when he clearly needs to go, but you have to look at the fact that he has always had an affinity for Garrett in the first place as well.

As we approach the paths, there are two, but they aren’t that different at all. If Jason Garrett were to somehow get this team to a conference title game, or lord forbid the championship game, then he would be back, I believe. So, the first path would see Garrett leading the Cowboys to the NFC Championship Game, which would get him back in the good graces of Jerry Jones.

The second path would be to go beyond that to the Super Bowl, which sounds even more insane as it’s being typed, but that would also definitely get him back in the door. Unfortunately, there is a path although and as unlikely as going down either may be, those are the possibilities. It brings up that classic conundrum that manifests itself in different ways.

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It could be like the Miami Dolphins’ current scenario where the best thing for the coach and the players is to win games, while the best thing for the organization may be to lose? Cowboys fans want their team to win games, but if they do, it could ultimately mean keeping around the coach that the fans despise. Choose wisely.

Dallas Cowboys: Is there a scenario where Jason Garrett returns?

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