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Inbox: There’s no such thing

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Inbox: There’s no such thing

I couldn’t agree more with Wes’s answer to Mike from Madison. Interestingly, all three mentioned are offensive players. Which three defenders top your list of “please stay healthy”?

Kenny Clark and Blake Martinez are two for sure, and I can’t decide who the third should be between Jaire Alexander and Za’Darius Smith.

Do you think Gutekunst might use his top 12 waiver priority status to improve the roster on final cut-down day?

I would almost count on it.

Wes, please allow me to compliment you on an excellent piece of work writing the article about Tim Boyle. I was already a fan of Tim’s and then I read your article and see that he comes from such a supportive family and has such an admirable work ethic. Ultimately those two things are critical to young people growing up to be successful adults. Congratulations to Kevin and Nancy for a job well done and major props to Tim for all of his accomplishments and his work ethic. I am inspired by him.

Hard not to be, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out Wes’s story, please do so.

I know it wouldn’t be good for the fans or the community but do you think there would be any strategic advantage to not open training camp practices to the public? Why do the Eagles open only one?

Secrecy and elimination of distractions would be the only two motivations I can think of.

James from Ottawa, Canada

Hey II! Being up North, I thought I would ask a Canada-based question. Ottawa’s CFL kicker, Lewis Ward, just ended his record-breaking streak of consecutive made field goals with 69(!). This shattered the previous pro football record of 44, which had been held by Adam Vinatieri. I’m sure this feat is not on many American NFL fans’ radar. My question is, how hard do NFL teams look at a guy who went 51-52 last year and is 23-24 this season. Surely he has earned a shot at an NFL roster?

Perhaps the fact that Ward doesn’t kick off has limited his looks from the NFL, I don’t know. But his incredible accuracy could be worth an extra roster spot if necessary.

Well now that Wes mentioned that he met his wife in Germany, story time…

He loves to create suspense, doesn’t he?

There’s always a lot of talk about undrafted players making the team, but at the same time that means that others won’t be on the 53. What do you think it says about the guys behind the scenes when this happens? Is it a bad look because they missed on those picks, or better that they found someone undrafted that’s ready to get the call?

The draft is as imperfect a science as there is. The players who get drafted as opposed to go undrafted were deemed better prospects at the time, but everyone coming out of college is still developing, and at different rates. You just never know. The goal every offseason is to build as competitive a 90-man roster as you can and then let the best players emerge.

Regarding modern-era Division III/NAIA football players, I’d like to submit Dave Krieg, Ken Anderson, and Billy “White Shoes” Johnson for consideration. For an undrafted player like Krieg, 19 seasons in the league is pretty impressive. Anderson could’ve been a Hall of Famer had Pete Johnson been able to find the end zone on that goal-line stand (perhaps he’ll get in next year with the bigger class), and “White Shoes” was a good receiver, great returner, and popularized end-zone dances.

Several readers duly mentioned Anderson, and I agree, he’d be in Canton already if Johnson had been able to get that one yard.

Maddie from Lake Balboa, CA

Who will be Rodgers go-to receiver this year? Is there someone that seems to be on the same brain wave as Rodgers?

Just a guess, but I think he wears No. 17.

Bryce from Westcliffe, CO

How in the world do the coaches grade players in practice and preseason? Is there some kind of checklist they use? It seems like some of the receivers now vying for a job are very close in ability and talent. The article on Davis stated the case that he has the ability to do multiple roles on the offense. Obviously, the more you can help the offense the better chance you have at making the team. How can you possibly evaluate a player’s future potential?

Grading players’ preseason and practice film and projecting their future potential are two distinctly different things. But collectively, they’re part of the puzzle that’s pieced together as final decisions are made.

Brandon from East Brunswick, NJ

Under the McCarthy administration there were weekly captains assigned, with the fixtures only coming at the incipience of the postseason. I know ML has assigned different captains thus far in the preseason, but I figure that may be due to the uncertainty of who plays the entirety of the preseason. Has there been any word on how the captains will be designated during the regular season?

No word yet, but I like the word incipience.

Gary from Chippewa Falls, WI

Do you see “pick plays” being challenged for offensive interference?

In the right situation on a high-impact play, absolutely.

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