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He’s as savvy as they come

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He’s as savvy as they come

Chris from Belleville, WI

Hey II, where was Jake Kumerow Thursday? Would have thought to see him a few snaps.

When a team is this deep and this healthy, difficult decisions must be made when formulating game plans. There were only so many snaps to go around Thursday night. Kumerow will get his opportunities at some point.

I thought Bryan Bulaga was one of the unheralded stars for the Packers on Thursday. When matched up against Khalil Mack, he essentially neutralized him, not allowing any sacks or QB hits. The rest of the O-line was where most of the pressure, hits, and sacks came from. Will not having to game plan for a Mack-level rusher in the coming weeks allow the O-line unit, as a whole, to perform better by not having to focus as much time and resources into preparing for a game-wrecker?

In most weeks, yes. But the Vikings’ defensive front is a puzzle in and of itself, especially with Mike Zimmer’s propensity to blitz anyone from everywhere. I agree Bulaga was solid against Mack and the Bears. That’s been his M.O. over the past 10 years. He’s been everything you want from a first-round pick at that position. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – I feel like fans will appreciate Bulaga a lot more once he’s retired.

Hello II! The Packers win on Sunday if?

They set the edge against the run and force Kirk Cousins to throw more than 10 times.

Terry from Sun Prairie, WI

What can we expect from the Vikings’ defense this year?

Much of the same, I suspect. The Falcons did not look good Sunday and could be in for another rough year, but the Vikings did what they needed to against that offense. Minnesota sacked Matt Ryan four times and forced two picks on eight passes defensed. It’s an older defense but it remains impressively effective in dictating how the game is played.

Is it possible three of the top five defenses will be in the same division this year?

Anything is possible. Green Bay, Minnesota and Chicago all came to play Week 1.

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

Spoff’s evaluation of the Vikings’ skill-position talent relative to the Bears’ was really interesting. I see the QB as less mobile for the Vikings, and as such, an easier target for the pass rush. The Falcons’ front seven has not been a strength as we discovered last year ourselves. Whatever production our front seven created against a mobile young QB will be magnified against a lesser athlete.

True, but Cousins is also a more polished passer than Mitchell Trubisky. He was very efficient in both games against the Packers last season. Green Bay’s pass rushers need to maintain leverage, play disciplined and force bad throws with consistency.

How do our corners match up with the Vikings’ wide receivers?

As a whole, favorably. Minnesota’s depth chart at receiver is relatively top heavy with Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs. The real question is whether the Packers will travel Jaire Alexander with Thielen or allow Tramon Williams to handle the Pro Bowler in the slot.

Phillip from Wonder Lake, IL

The Packers and Vikings both have a win so far. What are some of the Packers’ strong points that should give them a win over the Vikings on Sunday?

I want to see what this pass rush can do against the Vikings’ offensive line. I’m not expecting another 10 pressures from Za’Darius Smith but this Green Bay front can win in more than one way from more than one player. That’s a lot for an offense to prepare for.

Davante Adams was our top red-zone target the previous couple seasons. Thursday showed that Jimmy Graham can still be that great matchup problem for defenses in the red zone. With the lack of experience at receiver behind Adams allowing defenses to cheat his way, is that going to allow Graham to return to the consistent high-level red-zone threat of the past, or was this a one-off? I sure hope it’s the former.

The Packers’ offense had issues in the red zone last year but that didn’t change my stance about how Graham could be an asset in that area of the field. I feel like that catch against the Bears showed what kind of resource Graham can be for Rodgers and the offense in 2019.

There are some Bears fans here in Chicago that are under the impression that Matt Nagy abandoned the run too quickly when the Packers didn’t successfully take it away from them on Thursday. Did the Bears make a mistake in having Trubisky throw, or in your opinion did the Packers successfully stop the run?

I don’t fault Nagy at all. The Packers were showing a five-man front for most of the night. If you’re the Bears, you want to throw against that. It also didn’t help Chicago only averaged 3.1 yards per carry and didn’t have a rush of more than eight yards.


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