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For the Dallas Cowboys, a dysfunctional December a…

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For the Dallas Cowboys, a dysfunctional December a...

With two straight losses in very different manners, the Dallas Cowboys have set themselves us for dysfunction and a looming deconstruction.

If there is one thing that the Dallas Cowboys have down, it is dysfunction in the month of December. This year, however, likely will be the most dysfunctional of all time.

This time last week, the Dallas Cowboys were preparing for a huge challenge. Facing the New England Patriots on the road, in a heavy rainstorm, Dallas did what one might expect.

The Dallas Cowboys came close to victory, had a chance to win on their final drive and failed. Losing 13-9 to the best team of the century is no crime. Losing the game for the reasons they lost was the real issue.

Of course, just four days later on National television, Dallas played one of their worst games of the season Losing to an 8-3 team is no crime. Losing 26-15, a score much closer than the game really was, to a team with lesser talent is the real issue.

These are frustrating times in the world of the Dallas Cowboys. One week, the owner is voicing his wrath at the coaching, only to get teary-eyed the next and say he still believes this team can compete for a championship.

Stars are underperforming. Players are voicing their concerns loudly. Rumblings of major disagreements between coaches and players alike are starting to spread. Welcome to another typical December for the Dallas Cowboys.

At this point, the Cowboys are 6-6 and likely will be tied for the division lead once Philadelphia and Miami settle things on the field. There is no confidence in this team either making the playoffs or advancing if they did.

Quarterback Dak Prescott has at least one turnover in three of the last four games, all losses. Running back Ezekiel Elliott has four straight games under 100 yards rushing. Receiver Amari Cooper has 11 catches for 123 yards total in his last three games. As such, the Dallas Cowboys have just one touchdown in their last eight quarters of play.

The defense is not playing horribly as much as they are making key mistakes at the most inopportune times. Meanwhile, kicker Brett Maher has missed four field goals in his last four games.

Beyond that, it is clear than the head coach will not be back in 2020. In fact, there are likely to be very few coaches currently in the building who will return next season.

It is still too early to count out the Dallas Cowboys, but December looks as daunting as it has been in quite some time. It almost feels like losing would be the best proposition to expedite the restructuring of this team.

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Of course, Dallas will likely do just enough to make this situation as complex as possible. Buckle up for an extremely frustrating final month.

For the Dallas Cowboys, a dysfunctional December awaits

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