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“Every time people see her, they think she’s a…

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“Every time people see her, they think she’s a...

Colts running back Nyheim Hines was a little lonely when he arrived in Indianapolis as a rookie last year.

“I was a 21, got drafted, left school early, missed my family, missed my twin …”

He decided to do what a lot of people do – and get a pet.

But with his schedule, he needed something low maintenance.

“I knew I couldn’t get a dog and I’m not a fan of cats,” he said.

Hines is a pretty unconventional guy.

“I’ve always liked having different things. Even in high school, everybody was wearing Nike cleats – I wore Adidas. I just like being a little bit different.”

So, he went looking for an unconventional pet.

“I thought about getting sugar gliders, which are kind of cute and cool – like flying squirrels, but they have separation anxiety. A hedgehog just seemed cool.”

He found a breeder in Greenfield, Indiana, brought home a female hedgehog, and named her Shadow after the hedgehog in the cartoon “Sonic.”

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