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Don’t worry Dallas Cowboys fans, the road ahead…

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Don't worry Dallas Cowboys fans, the road ahead...

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The Dallas Cowboys recent lose placed them in a tie with the Philadelphia Eagles. But, they can still win the division despite a tough road ahead.

The Dallas Cowboys chances of winning the division are still very good at 53% to make the playoffs and 51% to win the division according to the New York Times NFL playoff model. With the Eagles right behind them with a 53% chance of making the playoffs and a 49% chance of winning the division. So the margin for error for the Cowboys the rest of this season is very low, but I believe they will pull it off and here’s why.

The Dallas Cowboys’ ability to bounce back from adversity is one reason, the other comes down the who they are playing. Yes, many including myself said that the Cowboys game with the Minnesota Vikings was a game they needed to win because of the teams they face next. But, some of those teams have been quite shaky lately, including the Eagles.

The Cowboys’ opponents the rest of the season are at the Detroit Lions, at the New England Patriots, the Buffalo Bills, at the Chicago Bears, the Los Angeles Rams, at the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Redskins.

Now at first, you’d see six teams out of the seven that could help knock the Cowboys out of playoff contention. But the more I looked at these teams the more I started to feel better about the Cowboys chances if they can exploit each of these teams’ weaknesses.

The Detroit Lions – Missing their starting QB

The Lions may be without starting quarterback Matthew Stafford who is dealing with fractured bones in his back. Not having him on the field would be a huge win for the Cowboys, and something they will need to exploit.

If they are able to rattle backup quarterback Jeff Driskel, he won’t be able to get the ball to the Lions talented receiving core.

Don’t worry Dallas Cowboys fans, the road ahead isn’t too difficult

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