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Dallas Cowboys 2019 season will have familiar end

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Dallas Cowboys 2019 season will have familiar end

Fresh off the bye week, the Dallas Cowboys 2019 season can go one of two ways. Unfortunately, it’s likely to have a similar end for one specific reason.

The Dallas Cowboys are 4-3, leading the NFC East and fresh off their bye week. Undefeated within the division, Dallas faces the New York Giants on Monday Night Football and likely will improve to 5-3.

Last year, the Cowboys came off a bye and finished the season 7-2. The previous year, Dallas went 7-4 after their bye. In 2016, they went 8-2 after their bye week. In fact, in the entire decade, the Cowboys have had a losing record after the bye just twice.

There is a very likely scenario in which the Dallas Cowboys win at least as many games as they lose the rest of the season. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t matter.

Oh, you’re going to be heavily invested in each and every snap of a football for the next nine weeks. You might even be given a chance to care about a few more in January.

In the end, though, it will end as every other season has since 1995. The Dallas Cowboys will not be playing for a chance at their sixth Lombardi trophy. The reason why has been around the entire decade.

The Dallas Cowboys will go only so far because of one reason. His name is Jason Garrett.

Look, the Cowboys are 4-3 with nine games left in the 2019 season. They are probably going to win five or six more games which will be good enough to win the division. Heck, they might even win one playoff game.

Quarterback Dak Prescott has emerged as one of the ten best quarterbacks in the NFL. Their offensive line is one of the two or three best in all of football. Running back Ezekiel Elliott and receiver Amari Cooper are amongst the best at their positions.

Unfortunately, none of it matters because of their head coach. There is a very simple reality to success in the NFL.

If you have a top-notch head coach and quarterback combination, you’re in play for a Super Bowl Trophy. If you don’t, you’re just playing a role.

The Dallas Cowboys have the quarterback. They do not have the head coach.

Look at the current standings in the NFC. If you don’t believe me, the standings will back me up.

San Francisco is undefeated. They have one of the best young quarterbacks in Jimmy Garoppolo and a pedigree coach in Kyle Shanahan. New Orleans and Green Bay have one loss and possess two of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. One has an up-and-coming play-caller, while another has one of the three best coaches in the NFL.

Seattle, Minnesota and the Rams all have great head coaches. They also have quarterbacks that are either top five in the league (Russell Wilson), 25 years of age (Jared Goff) or a very serviceable option with a great run game/defense (Kirk Cousins).

Dallas only has owns one of these components. They won’t have the other until the 2020 season.

The reality is that the Cowboys may find a way into the playoffs and might even win a game. At some point, however, they will have to play Green Bay, New Orleans or San Francisco. At that point, the coaching will win out and that will be the end.

At that point, the Dallas Cowboys front office will need to make a decision. That decision should not be difficult.

Coming into this year, only one NFC team has won more games since 2014 than the Dallas Cowboys. For that, they have just two playoff wins.

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Head coach Jason Garrett’s contract is up after this year. If the Cowboys don’t (and they won’t) make the NFC Championship, he won’t be back in 2020. Sadly, that’s the best thing you as a fan of this team can hope comes true.

Dallas Cowboys 2019 season will have familiar end

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