May 17, 2021

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Colts’ Tight Ends Highlight Team’s Efforts In Week…

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Colts' Tight Ends Highlight Team's Efforts In Week...

Tight Ends No. 2 (89.8 [27 snaps, 38 percent]) and No. 7 (82.4 [49 snaps, 69 percent]), respectively.

Because of the success of the Colts’ run game through the first two games, the tight ends had yet to make a big impact in the passing game. That all changed Sunday against the Falcons as Alie-Cox, Doyle and Eric Ebron (Week 3’s No. 14 tight end) combined for nine receptions on 10 targets for 118 yards (13.1 avg). Highlights from the group featured seven first downs (including a defensive pass interference call), a 30-yard reception by Ebron and the game-clinching reception for a first down by Doyle that resulted in the Colts kneeling down in the victory formation. The three tight ends — led in PFF’s rankings by Alie-Cox and Doyle — were a huge part in Brissett having his career day as he had an average passer rating of 115.6 when targeting the trio. Running back Marlon Mack also ran for 74 yards on the day, aided by the Colts’ reliance on tight ends as blockers.

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