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Cardinals Film Room: Christian Kirk Reverses…

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Cardinals Film Room: Christian Kirk Reverses...

Kirk must decide whether to beeline for the pylon or cut back: “On the field it looked close, but a dive from the 5-yard-line is a far dive. The last thing you want, too, in this situation is diving and sticking the ball out. You never know – it can get punched out for a touchback, out of bounds. You just want to be safe. I wanted to get in the end zone, but the fact that I’m giving us an opportunity from the 1, it just boosts those percentages higher.”

Kingsbury appreciates both wide receivers finishing the play: “It was a nice job there by Damiere blocking all the way from the backside. We almost got in.”

Kirk says this play was set up all game long: “All these designer plays are a complement to the original stuff that we do. (Kingsbury) picks the right personnel, picks the right matchups. We’re not going to ask a tight end to come in and run this motion, because we’ve never done that before. They’re going to know something is up. The more it looks like the original stuff we do, the more it opens up.”


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