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Are the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl team or just a…

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Are the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl team or just a...

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The Dallas Cowboys have played their eighth game of the season, which marks the half-way point. Are they looking like a Super Bowl team or a playoff team?

Every season, NFL teams have one goal. That goal is to go out, make the playoffs, and then to win the Super Bowl. As of right now, the Dallas Cowboys are half-way through the season.

They are leading the NFC East which means they are holding a playoff spot. However, the Philadelphia Eagles, who are on their bye week, are tied with the Cowboys with five wins. Dallas has surely had its ups and downs, so the question becomes are they a Super Bowl team or a Playoff team?

Playoff Team

If you’re going to win the Super Bowl, you have to make the playoffs first. So, before we go any further how do the Cowboys look as far as making the playoffs?

Well, as previously stated Dallas is leading the division but is tied with the Eagles in wins. It is a slight edge, that the Cowboys need to extend this Sunday with a win. A loss this weekend will have both the Cowboys and the Eagles tied for first, with Dallas taking the lead due to division wins.

This month Dallas is at home against the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills, and they are on the road against the New England Patriots and the Detroit Lions. It is a tough stretch of matchups that the team is going to need to remain consistent through.

The Cowboys defense should be able to contain the Bills and Dallas’ offense should be able to outscore the Lions. The Vikings have been running great, rediscovered their passing attack, and have a good defense. It will be a tough game, but I think The Cowboys can limit their passing and squeeze in a win.

A win over those three opponents puts Dallas at 8-3. The problem this month is the Patriots, who have only lost one game. Playing in New England makes the game quite a bit harder.

Realistically, the only way to beat the Patriots is to avoid any turnovers and to force their turnovers. So far Dallas has 12 takeaways and 11 turnovers.

The Cowboys are going to have to play flawlessly. Too much needs to go right this game, so I would have to write this game off as a loss. This puts Dallas at a great record at 8-4.

Are the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl team or just a playoff team?

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