May 16, 2021

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4 lingering questions only the regular season can…

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4 lingering questions only the regular season can...

The Dallas Cowboys have done everything they can to get ready for the regular season. The questions left to answer can only be done during the season.

The Dallas Cowboys have done everything they can to get this team prepared for the regular season, not including contract signings for running back Ezekiel Elliott, quarterback Dak Prescott, and receiver Amari Cooper.

With all that being said they still have four questions that can only be answered during the regular season. So let’s take a look at those questions.

Has Prescott really improved from last season?

We’ve seen Prescott play very well during the preseason, but that was against every vanilla defenses. Now that the season is upon us can will that carry over against defenses that are now throwing more complex formations at this offense?

Is he going to continue to step up in the pocket to deliver a pass or revert back to scrambling and missing windows to throw the football? Only time will tell but you have to be encouraged by what you have seen so far from Prescott.

Can this running game succeed without Elliott?

The Cowboys tone regarding Zeke and his contract negotiations has changed, going from we will get a deal done to he is under contract and should honor it. While this soap opera places out off the field, on the field the Cowboys still have to play games.

But, can the impressive rookie Tony Pollard and the experienced veteran Alfred Morris handle the load if Zeke does follow through and hold out? Well whether we are ready or not we may have to find out soon.

Will the defense continue to force turnovers in the regular season?

Over the past few seasons, the Cowboys have been a middle of the pack team when it comes to takeaways with an average of 20 takeaways over the last four seasons. While that was the past, this preseason has brought new hope to a fan base and coaching staff looking for more takeaways on defense.

With the team creating fumbles and picking off opposing quarterbacks in each of the first three games. But will this continue into the regular season for the Cowboys? If it does this defense could go from very good to elite overnight.

Will Jason Garrett do enough to keep his job?

The final question looming for the Dallas Cowboys has to be what does head coach Jason Garrett have to do to keep his job? We’ve all heard the rumors that Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley is the coach heir apparent, or that defensive passing game coordinator Kris Richard is a coach in waiting.

Those rumors mean nothing if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decides that Garrett has done enough to stay with the team. But the question is what is enough? NFC championship game? Super Bowl? or winning the whole thing?

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A lot of big questions but I have to admit it’s going to be really fun finding out the answers throughout the regular season.

Dallas Cowboys: 4 lingering questions only the regular season can answer

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