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3 matchups to consider before regular season…

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3 matchups to consider before regular season...

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The Dallas Cowboys travel back to Los Angeles to face the Rams in week two of preseason football. The season opener is coming. Consider these 3 matchups.

My football friends, the NFL opener is getting closer. With one preseason game in the books, the Dallas Cowboys are inching towards a meaningful game against the New York Giants on September 8th.

I don’t know about you, but the first preseason contest against the San Francisco 49ers provided some food for thought. Sure, the result of preseason games shouldn’t skew the optics of a team overall. Especially the first game where starters play little.

But, as the Cowboys head to Los Angeles to visit the team that knocked them out of the tournament last year, a few bubbles happened to mentally surface for me.

Here are three matchups to consider as the season opener approaches. Enjoy the summer preseason games!

1. Ezekiel Elliott against his boss

In some regards, I feel for the owner and general manager Jerry Jones. Did you see the Dallas Cowboys on Amazon Prime, the program All or Nothing? Great stuff. Really great stuff.

Anyways, Jones showed Zeke his heartbeats and all the good feels during a meeting regarding Elliott’s infamous six-game suspension. Jones had the running back’s back. It was Jones himself becoming the offensive line when the NFL blitzed his running back. In turn, in this moment, it is Zeke who turned his back on the owner and his team.

I fully believe that Elliott will not miss time, suiting up against the Giants during the first game. But make no mistake, the battle isn’t over. Number 21 sliced off some blood, knowing full well how badly the general manager wants a title. The man knows his window is closing, and I’m sure he doesn’t take a liking to those who opt to help close the window faster

Dallas Cowboys: 3 matchups to consider before regular season opener

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